English edition of this website is currently being under construction.

Our team will gradually translate and upload articles from the Polish edition.


Welcome all to Our new website.

Our portal was created to gather, share and exchange information on the Polish photographic equipment. At the moment, we present information mainly on cameras. In the near future we will post more information about photographic equipment and manufacturers (some time is needed to prepare further material).


Website administrators created their own method of cataloguing Polish cameras.

Each camera has received individual serial number according to the formula: Manufacturer / Name / Model / Type / Version.

Sample identification number: WZFO / ST / 30/10/20 means: WZFO - manufacturer (in this case the PZO) / ST - shortened camera name (Start) / 30 - model (third model) / 10 - type (the first type) / 20 - version number of the camera (second version). Of course, not every camera model has its successor types or versions - hence the identification number may be shortened.


We are looking for information and photographs relating to Polish photo-optical equipment. If you have any Polish photographic equipment, such as cameras, flash lamps or other accessories, please contact us.

We are also interested in Polish and foreign photo-optical literature (about Polish photographic industry), such as books, magazines (especially the pre-war photographic press), manuals, catalogs, brochures and price lists of the photographic companies, old or new photos of Polish photo-optical equipment (with copyrights to distribute them).

We can offer books and photographic magazines (of prewar and postwar era) for exchange (both in digital and "paper" form).

Information available on our website can be used for personal, educational, and scientific purposes. If You plan on uploading and posting pictures published by us on other websites, please remember to leave information on where were those downloaded from originally.

Using materials presented on our websites (www.fotomuzeum.pl, www.fotomuzeum.com.pl and www.photomuseum.pl) in any publications such as magazines or books is allowed, but a written permission from the portal administrator is required.

Adding information and verifying content of our website is highly appreciated.

Having spotted any mistakes in translation (or other inaccuracies), please contact us.


Mariusz Jedynak

Poland, Europe

info @ fotomuzeum.pl

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